OFFERING: 3 x free Photoshoots [snapped up]



Hi i’m Lika, a photographer (mainly street/documentary style). I’m trying out some different things and would like to expand my portfolio a little, so… I’m giving away 3 photoshoots, 1 each to the first three people who get in touch and seriously want some photos taken. No photographer fee and i’ll give you all the digital files. I may even consider a wedding (if i get to do it in my own way).

The only terms… has to be in London and preferably before the end of Jan. And don’t be weird :slight_smile:

You can check out my work here:
Or on instagram here: @oi_look
Or get in touch here:

Thanks for reading


Well, that’s it… 3 shoots snapped up. Looking forward to working with Roxsanne, Anna (+family) and Tamsin!

Please still do get in touch if you have any enquires.


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