Old bottle found - Symons Bros Dairymen Ltd



While digging in our garden on Taymount Rise, we excitedly discovered a mysterious glass bottle.

The bottle looks like an old milk bottle (pics attached). The text on the bottle reads:

Symons Bros (Dairymen) Ltd Sydenham
151 Kirkdale
Phone Forest Hill 3503

I’ve been trying to find an old photo of 151 Kirkdale to see if I can spot the dairy. I wonder if anyone remembers the dairy?

I think we’ll keep the bottle as a nice piece of local history, possibly to be used as a flower vase.


Oh that’s lovely to find and in such great condition!
There are some great old pictures of Universal Dairies on the “All in One calling Time” thread, but that was Perry Vale. Nice pics though.


Found this from the Sydenham Society which says
" Mr Symons, the dairyman, kept his horses in the field
we now know as Baxter Field."


What an amazing find, and piece of local history. I’m a bit jealous.


Wow, great find @se23blue regarding Baxter Field! That’s brilliant.