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My 14 year old is desperate to take a computer apart and put it back together and I’d prefer that he did that on an old one!

Does anyone have a just about working otherwise little use computer they would be willing to give him for this purpose!

Bottle of wine or other modest donation in exchange!

Many thanks

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If your 14 yo is looking for a desktop, I have one which is a hybrid pc and multi media device which has not been powered up for sometime - can probably provide a a keyboard and mouse. If you don’t have a monitor can probably provide an old one of those too.

No gifts required - just mutual arrangement for delivery/uplift.

I would need a short time to ensure all personal info has been removed from the device.


I have an old Sony laptop. Never known what to do with it. Happy to donate.


I’ve used “MusicMagpie” to sell old laptops before - worth checking out.


Thanks @jgdoherty that sounds great. I will DM you to see if we can arrange a collection when you have managed to sort out the info.

Thanks @weepy He says he wants to build a desktop so thank you for the offer.
I’ve got rid of several just about working and not really working computers in the past to EcoComputers who operate out of Crofton Park and Sydenham Libraries and do up old computers to fund community projects and the libraries. http://ecocommunities.co.uk/donate/computers/


Hilary we probably have some at the library, I’ll check x


Plus if you let me know the components he needs I can ask Des if he has any spare.



DM did not reach me - are you still interested ?


Perhaps did not do that right. Let me try this way.


Did not receive a DM - are you still interested ?


We have several old, barely working apple laptops in the house that we’re scared of getting rid of because we don’t know what sensitive data might be on them. (I’m talking work and financial stuff rather than racy pictures) :man_shrugging:


Hi john
Yes please. I’ve just found my message without the send button pressed!

I can’t seem to DM from my phone so will message properly later!


Hi Matthew, if you take them into Crofton Park Library, Peter who deals with re-cycling & all things IT, will sort them for you. :blush:


Thank you! Do you have a contact for him? Email or phone number would be great.


Hi Matthew, you can ring him at the library on 0208 694 9373. He is there Monday-Saturday from about 10 o clock onwards. I am going in today, so will tell him you are going to ring at some point. :slight_smile:

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