Old pictures of Honor Oak Park


Hi I know this was covered a while ago on se23.com but I’m not sure there was an answer.

I’m trying to find some vintage photos of honour oak park to get my wife for her birthday. I have seen some on google so I know they exist but I am trying to find somewhere that sells frameable prints.

Fingers crossed.



There used to be a stall in Bromley on market day that sold prints of old local photos, mounted and ready to frame. That was a few years ago, so I don’t know if he’s still there.


Try www.boroughphotos.org/lewisham - it’s print on demand and you can pick the size. The photos are from Lewisham Archives, I don’t know how good their coverage is for Honor Oak Park as I’ve not looked!


That is quite possibly one of the coolest websites I’ve ever come across. Thanks!


CAnt agree more that’s a great find thank you.


It is still there at the weekends :slight_smile:


Question is Honor oak related to Gospel oak.