Old pictures of Honor Oak Park

Hi I know this was covered a while ago on se23.com but I’m not sure there was an answer.

I’m trying to find some vintage photos of honour oak park to get my wife for her birthday. I have seen some on google so I know they exist but I am trying to find somewhere that sells frameable prints.

Fingers crossed.


There used to be a stall in Bromley on market day that sold prints of old local photos, mounted and ready to frame. That was a few years ago, so I don’t know if he’s still there.

Try www.boroughphotos.org/lewisham - it’s print on demand and you can pick the size. The photos are from Lewisham Archives, I don’t know how good their coverage is for Honor Oak Park as I’ve not looked!


That is quite possibly one of the coolest websites I’ve ever come across. Thanks!

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CAnt agree more that’s a great find thank you.

It is still there at the weekends :slight_smile:

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Question is Honor oak related to Gospel oak.