Old postcards of Forest Hill (personal blog)

I collected old postcards a while back of Forest Hill and Catford. I always aimed to take the ‘now’ pictures but have only just begun to get round to it.

I’m collating these on an old blogspot blog that I forgot I even had! Only a couple for tonight. More will go up, realistically over next month or so. I will scan the postcards properly and update these. Please feel free to add any comments/ feedback.



Really cool - I like your modern day pictures too, how much it’s changed. I think I preferred all the old trees though.


What a great idea and lovely pictures.

May I ask how one goes about obtaining something as niche as old postcards from Forest Hill? Where they purchased in local antique/second hand shops or did you search online?

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I’ve lived in Forest Hill for almost 20 yrs but I used to buy Forest Hill postcards off ebay. Paid a pretty penny for one or two, as well. I’ve got one old handwritten postcard which is over 100 yrs old in a local street I can’t recall offhand. The dentist in Forest Hill next to the station has got some great old local sepiated prints up now. I met a great old sport in the waiting room. He’s lived here all his 70 plus yrs and he saw me looking at the prints. We struck up a conversation. He knew the local area inside out. A quality pre-fang chat removal therapy kind of thing.


I initially got a few slightly larger prints from stalls at local markets, but eBay is where most of them come from. There is also a French site called delcampe.net and one even came from a South African auction site!

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Searching ebay for Forest Hill postcards just now, I’m kind of amused to see that people used to send a postcard of the ward they had been staying on in a hospital. This one is Forest Hill ward at Lewisham Hospital!

There are lots of that one - always made me chuckle. I’ve never added to my collection!

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Love the shots of Woolstone and Vancouver Roads…
Some of the older images hosted at http://photo.blogpressapp.com don’t load though - seems the domain has been taken over or parked.

This is a great thread!! I’ve been wanting to do something like this myself

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