Olives & More

Anyone know what “Olives & More” is going to be and when it is opening on Perry Vale next to Piazza?


Looks like it may have been recently let out, £8k leasehold, class A1:


I’ve seen posts about this new business on Twitter. Opening soon.

Could you share them? Any hints about what it’ll be? By the name, I’d guess a deli?

Google have a business listing for MardeOlivos at that address and this website: https://mardeolivos.co.uk/



I posted a link to the Twitter info a short while ago but it is showing as ‘awaiting approval ‘ at the moment. @ForestHull would you be able to fix this?

Should be able to - I sent you a PM :slight_smile:

according to a local tweet it will be a deli selling fine quality Spanish olives & olive oil. The owner has been trading at markets for a long time as Mar De Olivos. Hoping to open v soon.
there’s a Facebook page, looks like it will be a great addition to the locality and on the right side of the tracks too!


Thanks! Looks like a good addition to the parade of shops.

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great, can’t wait to visit

Sounds good and a great addition. I know it’s not this topic but is there any news of what might replace the fishmongers oppposite here? It must be two years since it folded.

I love a good olive oil but I am not sure they can have a viable business with Olives and Olive oil as the only products. Hopefully there will be some jamón and then I will keep them afloat on my own!


Tasting on the 13th from 5-8

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Cheers for sharing, @starman :+1:

Looks promising inside!


I’d worry a bit if shopfront retail was their only sales. I gather though they also sell through markets and online so hopefully not fully reliant on footfall.

This is likely to be the case.

I used to rent 59 Dartmouth Road to ENZO, who ran a business of a mixture of his wife’s rustic Italian ceramic creations and his jarred porchini mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes.

Relying on local footfall wouldn’t have worked back in the mid-90s, so this was essentially just a base and he wholesaled to delicatessens all over London from there - together with a bit of market trading.


Opening night this evening. Lovely people, more olive oil varieties than you can imagine, hand made chocolate made with olive oil, olives, olive oil pates, nuts, Andalusian honey and more. Open properly tomorrow.


I happened to be passing today, so popped in. I like the offering - came away with a few things and will be going back.


Oh what did you get? Or is that a silly question and just olives and olive oil?

Rice, lentils, honey, almonds and … oh yeah, a few olives.