One less tree


That’s so sad.


That’s awful , I love our local cherry trees too and would be truly saddened if this occurred on my road!

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For every one that gets removed, for whatever reason, I think two more should be planted as replacements.


:joy: Absolutely that’s a movement I can can get behind !

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Was that the one just a bit further up from Honor Oak Park train station?

Let us hope so.

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I’d like to think so but considering how many trees have been cut down by the council on Sunderland Road in the last 30 years with none of them being replaced then I’m not optimistic. :cry:


Street Trees for Living work with the council to plant trees in the borough. There are some one-time costs for residents, but here is more info:

Yes, I was very sad when the magnificent horse chestnut across from me was chopped down - I believe its roots were disturbing the drain pipes in the street. Still, my kids cried when they saw it being chainsawed.


Street Trees is really cool, I’m glad you posted that. And some interesting info on that site:

Their results are extraordinary: in some boroughs, 30% of street trees die within the first few years of planting; in Lewisham it is 5%.
— Rosie Kinchen, The Times

Of course, if you do spend £350 to sponsor a tree and it fails within the first two years under this scheme:

  • Your tree is guaranteed against failure or damage in the first two years after planting. All we require from sponsors is a commitment to water the tree for two years and a donation of £350 per tree, or £386 with a cylindrical cage guard

It’s not without credit to Lewisham either:

The cost of planting each tree will be approx. £450. Of this cost, Lewisham Council will contribute £100 per tree. £320 of your contribution will fund the planting of the tree and £30 will fund the Charity’s administration costs associated with the project. Any donations received which are over and above those necessary to complete the project will be applied towards the general charitable purposes of Street Trees for Living.


Same on Lowther Hill :disappointed_relieved: