Online Hustings?

This gave me thought. Particularly as I won’t be able to go to the hustings now organised by Forest Hill Society. Is there a possibility to organise an online hustings? Could it be organised by/through And could this not be a great way to get the candidates to join this forum and get involved?

Just a thought.


I most saddest about not seeing inside the BK Banqueting Hall.

Hopefully there will be plenty of panoramic photos of the hustings, as I’m sure you won’t be the only one unable to go but keen to see inside…

Wouldn’t it be funny if more people went due to curiosity around the venue, then any real interest in local politics?


We could use Periscope / Facebook Live to allow people to watch the hustings event online, and then use to allow people to submit questions (topics are live-updating in

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Also, we could have a topic on here to collect people’s questions for the candidates (starting today), and then shortlist the questions by the number of “likes” they’ve received? Max three questions per person, say.

And if the candidates were to join the forum they could answer the shortlisted questions both on here and at the live hustings.

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Great idea, maybe ask the 5/10 most popular questions on behalf of forum members depending on time :+1:

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