I was nearby. Apparently it rolled down London Rd without a driver from at least just past Sainsbury’s. It’s a miracle no-one was hurt or it stopped where it did.



Very lucky that no-one hurt.

Many years ago, my father had an automatic Rover which he used to leave in park without the handbrake on. One day, my toddler sister and I were in the back of the car (unrestrained back then) when he nipped into the dry cleaners. She climbed into the front seat to practice ‘driving’ and inadvertently kicked the gear stick. Unfortunately we were on a steep hill and we went slowly backwards across oncoming traffic until we came to a rest against a local hostelry’s wall. I seem to recall getting the blame although at 6, I’m not entirely sure what I would have known how to do!


Ah - rolled down the road - ok that makes sense then. I was trying to figure out quite how one could accomplish that at the wheel