Open Studios - Cockpit Arts


Cockpit Arts in Deptford has open studios twice a year. This weekend is a great opportunity to buy direct from some terrific artists.


We have our own Havelock Walk artists opening their studios to the public, presumably, in an attempt to make a little money from their wares so, with the greatest respect to your no doubt superb and worthy artists, I think it’s out of order for an out-of-the-area event that’s in direct competition, on the same days and for the same £££s to be advertising here.

I would add that there’s been a shout out for a stand-in caterer, who’s also going to be praying for footfall, and with the forecast for rain on both days, it’s likely to be tough enough as it is - without anyone else trying to divert that precious footfall away.

No hard feelings - just trying to look after our own people first.


I’ll be going (and hopefully spending) at both as well as at the Horniman fair. Quite a few Cockpit artists live in our area - from collecting orders in the past.


They aren’t my artists. It’s just somewhere to get some unusual and lovely items. I’m not suggesting that this, Havelock Walk and the Horniman are mutually exclusive. I wish them all success.


I obviously misjudged the situation.

It was nothing personal, I was just looking out for my neighbours’ interests.

Apparently though, some of those artists are local as well but I wasn’t to know and, by the sounds of it, there’s more than enough money and love for artists to go 'round.

I’ll keep my big Scrooge nose out.


Your heart was definitely in the right place.

It’s a great reminder for everyone that buying from artists and small businesses at this time of year is really important if we want to keep them for the rest of the year. Buy more things in person - on the high street - than you do online - and keep more money in our economy.


Thank you.

You are generous in every way possible.