Our community partnership library bid has been shortlisted!


Little write up in the South London Press about our community library bid :slight_smile:


It’s the “Mayor and Cabinet” meeting tomorrow evening where we will be put forward as the preferred partner to run our library.

Myself & @Michael will be attending if anyone else wants to join us, none of us have requested to speak & this is a public meeting, so anyone can attend.

The meeting is at

Civic Suite
Town Hall



Hey all

In the mist of this meeting tomorrow, just posting this.

I won’t ever say I’m not worried about the decision that will be made tomorrow because I am being very optimistic

I hope the decision made is the right one :slight_smile:

Can’t help being scared about this.

#WontSleepTonight #Community #NeedToDoThis #HellYeah #CauseWeCan #ScaredWeDontGetTheChance


Well in other words all I’m saying is that I’m scared shitless about the outcome & hope we as a group can save our library.

Nothing more or nothing less, guess we’ll find out tomorrow guys, but for me no sleep tonight but I don’t need it anyway :slight_smile:


We have a library to run :+1::+1::+1:

At the Mayor & Cabinet meeting tonight it was agreed that our community partnership will be running our library :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Amazing!!! :grinning:

Well done @Pauline, @Michael and @V22 !!! I’m sure we’ll have lots more to discuss on the topic over the next few days, months and years!


Thanks for the support Chris & all other members of this forum, we’ll no doubt have lots to discuss for what we intend to be the best community library we can possibly create :+1::+1:


Wow well done to all inbolvd


Congratulations to you all, a fantastic local success story in the face of possible closure.


Hahaha, I just had a look on #TOSS to see what’s going on over there & someone was asking what’s happened in the end with the library. They’ve then asked if I was still involved as it had gone a bit quiet from me.

This was then posted by another “I think you may find P1971 has abandoned this forum and is posting elsewhere” :joy::joy::joy:


Good on @robin.orton :slight_smile:

Surely people on there must be wondering why it’s gone so quiet?

I clearly need to do a bit more outreach so we can encourage the best of them to share in our conversations here. Decker, Devonish Forester, Absolutely and 152047 have all made some good posts on TOSS, and I don’t think they signed up here (although some TOSSe… ahem TOSSites have moved here under different names, so it could be they’re here already)


What does TOSS stand for?


The owner of the other SE23 site does not want that site mentioned by name here. If you type in the name it will be censored by the automatic software here (at his request, not ours). TOSS stands for The Other Similar Site.


Thanks, Rachael. Sounds a bit rude though.


Somehow I’ve only just seen this, but CONGRATULATIONS and thank you!!

My girlfriend and I visited a couple of weeks ago (pre-holiday), and said how awful it is that it’s closing. Little did we know that you’d already won the bid!


In fairness it wasn’t Rachael’s idea. Just a handy acronym that fit the words neatly, that’s all :wink:


It wasn’t intended that way Robin, the initials each stand for a word so you can probably work it out & none of the words are rude.


Thanks Phil, but I’m only one of our group taking over the running of our library & the definite date is now 17th October. We’ll have some existing library staff working with us until the end of the year over the transition period :slight_smile:

The rest of our group are also on here @V22_Louise_House @Michael @JohnRussell & @Simon

If anyone wants to share ideas with us please do here or email Michael michael@fhsoc.com or myself sugarmountain.info@gmail.com

We want the whole community to have an input on what is added to the library & a SE23.Life member has already private messaged then emailed me with a suggestion :slight_smile:

We’re building a website at the moment, setting up social media accounts, working on the “friends of FH library” group & an initial crowdfunder & lots more stuff :+1:

All of us are prepared to give this our all & want to increase the service for users as much as we possibly can :slight_smile:


:grin: :joy: :sunglasses:

Nice just worked out that way @robin.orton


Think I know who “Townleygreen” might be!

And if I’ve got it wrong I’m sure @Michael will know, it’s a volunteer from Sydenham library & we’ve had a meeting with them :slight_smile:

I also used to enjoy reading “Red67” s posts and “ForestHillier” & “Samuelsen” :slight_smile:

Very glad we’ve got “Mr Numbers” on here!

ETA (edited to add) it’s the lovely @AndyS