Out of the Blue: Antic told it will no longer manage the Sylvan Post


Statement from Antic:

Oh noes! But is this good news or bad news, I’m confused.

Staff keep their jobs, good. New beers, always good. Old operator a bit shafted on this one, bad. But altruistic and hopeful of a come-back in their response - fantastic!

The list of Portobello pubs is here: https://www.portobellobrewing.com/tour

I can’t remember if I’ve been to any of them, so don’t know what to expect.

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And it wasn’t long ago that Momentum activists organised Antic’s staff to unionise against their managers.

I really feel for the managers here. They’ve had such incredibly bad luck over the years, despite running such brilliant and unique venues.


Ignorance alert, sorry!

How does the Antic model work? Who is stripping them of their management? The license/leaseholder?

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14! I count 17 on their webpage (which does not include Sylvan post or Eltham GPO), so it looks like they have lost almost half of their pubs.


Thats Sad, Ive always enjoyed their pubs and they have great staff too.
Since The Hob closed Sylvan has been our local of choice

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Activist property tycoons it would seem.

If it was Antic’s decision to keep the Sylvan Post shut after the first lockdown and over most of the summer, when they could’ve been taking full advantage of their outside space and actually making some money, then I can’t really blame them for looking for new management.

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