Outdoor dining

So, it’s my birthday on Wednesday and since I haven’t eaten out in like a year or something I think it’s time to treat myself.

Of course, inside dining is still off the table at the moment and typicially it’s not looking like it’ll be a warm day. Where are the best local places with outdoor heating, so I can actually enjoy my meal without being cold and grumpy?

I know Watson’s General Telegraph does so that’s one option, but the wife wants a Pizza. Is the garden at Piazza della Cuicina heated?

If not I can see my second birthday in a row being ruined by this damned virus.


The Rose in New Cross has a good garden - well covered with lots of heaters.

Can’t speak to the quality of their pizzas but everything else I’ve eaten there has been great.

Yes the covered area outside at Piazza Della Cucina has heaters.


The Chandos does pizza and they have a very nice roof terrace.

Thank you!

Yeah I like their pizza but I’m not sure if the terrace is heated?

Not sure! We went there last year on one of the hottest days so didn’t need to test the heating.

The Wood House in Sydenham/Dulwich has a great set up for outdoor dining & has a huge marquee with heaters. It looks really lovely and they also provide hot water bottles etc.

The Herne a bit further down from Watsons has a massive marquee with heaters too & a burger menu. Perry Hill does great food and has a covered marquee although I’m not sure if it’s heated yet. Happy Birthday for Weds!


There’s also some ideas for pubs in a similar topic here: Pubs in SE23... with outdoor heaters?

The Catch Me Outside directory also shows venues that have heaters, previously mentioned here: Catch Me Outside Directory

It claims the Chandos has heaters, though you might want to double check that’s on the roof terrace rather than on the street level benches, just to be sure:

Happy Birthday for tomorrow :birthday:

Nonna Maria has a delightful terrace garden, on Brockley Rise. There were a couple of heaters but it was warm when we went so they weren’t in operation. The food is also exceptional.


The Chandos do lovely pizzas but I was there a few weeks ago and only some of the tables have heaters.

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Another vote for NonaMaria here. Great outside space at the back and really nice food. I was impressed.


I’ve not visited in person yet but the Nonna Maria pizzas are (dare I say) my fave local pizzas. I was REALLY impressed with my delivery a few weeks ago. Also, a pretty fine tiramisu.


You won’t find a bigger fan of Nonna Maria than me, but their “outside” space is not outside. The regulations are clear than you need two open sides, they had zero open sides.

So, if you’re nervous about the virus, I wouldn’t go there expecting outside eating.

But the food is sublime!!

For anyone who’s interested, Piazza della Cucina is utterly fantastic. Wish I’d been earlier.


The woodhouse does have a lot of outdoor,space. We went there for our daughter in laws birthday 2 weeks ago, & it is warm if you are sitting by a heater, but wrap up if you don’t!


I have never been let down by the food at Piazza Della Cucina, it’s always brilliant with friendly efficient service.