Outdoor exercise?

Does anyone know of any outdoor exercise classes going on around us? Thanks!!!

You could try Mayow Park

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Hello , we are training between forest hill and onor oak every mon wed and Friday , it is not a class it is more a bounch of people trying to do things with some structure and workout

Let me know if you are interested

Yes please! I’d love to join if the timings work

I’d be interested too :slight_smile:

Great - DM me here https://instagram.com/flowalbe?igshid=nikyx8xtbifh

DM me here https://instagram.com/flowalbe?igshid=nikyx8xtbifh

Just so you are aware, and in case the posters above are not in Instagram there is a DM facility on this site - both users above should be able to DM you and you can respond to them however as a just signed up member you need to wait a bit longer to be able to start DMs, or you can ask the moderators to start one for you.

Good luck- sounds like a good meet-up!