Outsourced IT support - recommendations sought



Can anyone recommend a local company or person to help with outsourced IT support for my new business?


What services do you require?


No that I wish to take advantage here but I am leaving my current IT job and have thought about doing some part time support work but as above it depends on what you need supported.
Servers? Online services? Domain management? Or just making sure your PCs are working??


Not to poach you from the OP, @Foresthillnick, but I know LMS Gas Services are desperate for someone to sort out their non-existent IT, if you’re up for a small project.


Remember my commission on your fees Nick :wink:


WIll have 2x office people (services office) and 5x people out in the field. Need to ensure they are connected (with some sort of CMS) and well looked after.