Overground suspended



Heads up - Overground is curreny suspended between New Cross Gate and West Croydon/Crystal Palace due to overrunning engineering works :frowning:


Grid lock in the other direction too. A Gatwick Thameslink has been stopped on the fast line for about 20 minutes now, and there is a Crystal Palace bound overground going nowhere on platform 2.

It’s not even snowed yet!


The Southern services were running this morning (although I think the 06.43 was cancelled). The 06.58 was 5 minutes late and was quite busy so I am guessing the later services will be even busier… good luck everyone.


And now this… seems like I spoke too soon:


It looks like carnage at the moment.


It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of trying to travel at 08.30 from Forest Hill. Took about an hour to get to London Bridge this morning. Wrong kind of Brexit?


FWIW the Forest Hill northbound info board this morning (approx. 7am) showed that “overnight works had not completed on time”.


Still no Overground. Southern issue is a signalling problem. I got on the 0913 to LBG though it was 36 minutes late.


Looks like Overground is working again but Southern services are still disrupted. Supposed to be back by 15.00 but check before the journey home.


it took 50 mins to get from FH to London Bridge this morning…it was HELL.
to be honest its very tough living somewhere where we are so much at the mercy of what is actually one line to commute into town.
I feel we are really badly served by buses compared to say Peckham where are many routes that will get us into the west end.
in the past I’ve had to spend £30 on an Uber just to get into work on time.
this morning it took me 90mins to get to Bond st and i pay £1600 a year for an overcrowded often unreliable service