Owl on Ebsworth

I think we have a new resident on the street! Has anyone else heard / seen the owl? There has been a lot of twit-twooing the past few evenings!


I’m very excited about this!

I read on the Friends of Blythe Hill that one had been spotted on Blythe Hill a few days ago - I’ve never seen an owl in the wild before and would love to!

I believe some have been heard before on One Tree Hill over the years.


He’s definitely about, and very vocal! Sounds like its coming from the direction of Grierson Road, maybe the Nature Reserve? Either way, he sounds very close by!


Owls are my favourite birds. Last July I got a bit too excited when an owl experience showed up at the Horniman Musuem.

Any idea what type of owl?

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Not sure - am going to go for a wander this evening to see if I can locate where the call is coming from. Will let you know!


We’ve heard it too! Very exciting!

If it was indeed a “twit-twoo” that OP heard, that’s likely a pair of tawny owls.


Yes Ive heard him. We live on Grierson Road. I woke up at 2am last night and it was hooting. I couldn’t go back to sleep as I was so excited


That does it - am going to go for a wonder up Blythe hill and then loop round to see if I can hear anything!


Good luck.

Success! Heard it in Blythe Hill, tracked it down and saw it perched on a tree, and it then flew off. Tracked it down again and been sat under it for around 30 minutes listening to it and trying to get a photo - I will see if I can get something better but I can only make out it’s silhouette with the naked eye, so I’ve butchered this photo and too dark to autofocus etc etc anyway this is an owl not a escaped ewok from star wars I promise!


So maybe more than one owl? One to go ‘twit’, the other ‘twoo’?


I only heard and saw the one, but quite possible there are two around.

Amazing! I’m just going out for a wander now to see if I can track the sound!

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Nice! Not a bad photo at all! Looks definitely like a tawny owl to me.

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Obligatory RSPB link:

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For anyone who wants to go and see it (and I am no expert - this is the first time I have ever seen a wild owl) what worked for me was first off just listening - the sound is fairly regular and then finding the tree. Then trying to find it in the tree. This is the tree I took the photo of it in - can you spot it?

And this is what it looks like before I played around with the image - ie you are just looking for shapes and sometimes a bit of movement.


This is so exciting!! What time of day did you take these pictures?


I think around 9.15pm to 9.45pm . If Tawny owls as most people are suggesting, I think they are strictly nocturnal .

Be nice if there was a clear night with a nice bright moon, might have another go if that happens, but might never see it again of course - was very lucky to see it yesterday!


Cool! Might try my luck tonight then :slight_smile:

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