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(Admins - I wasn’t sure if this was Commercial or Wanted. Please move as you see fit).

Can someone recommend a local painter / decorator that would be available this summer for exterior painting?

I’m having my pointing done in mid-June and plan to leave the scaffold up for the painting rather than pay twice. I had someone lined up to quote but they’ve not got back to me yet and I’m aware time is running out to get someone booked.

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Hi Rachel
One of my tenants, Artur, has done loads of painting for me so I can vouch for his work. Pauline also knows him.


Aga’s (from the deli) husband is a painter & decorator, I’ll speak to him when I see him next. Or @Anotherjohn probably knows someone.


Doh! Why didn’t I think of Artur, @RachaelDunlop I can vouch for him too. I’ll speak to him when I see him which will probably be at some point today :slight_smile:


That would be BRILLIANT, @Pauline. Thank you.


I’ve spoke to Artur @RachaelDunlop he’s asked if you can give a start date, and he’ll check if he’s able to do it :slight_smile:


I would say any time from the start of July onwards.


Dare I say, what an amazing response to a request for a recommendation. Fantabulous!

Glad to see that’s possibly already sorted.

Communities eh grin


Hello, I have found a fabulous painter and decorator who has done lots of work for us recently. Not the cheapest but very high quality finish and trustworthy. Happy to pass on contact details.


:information_source: Mod update Jason can be contacted at


@RachaelDunlop I’ve spoke to Arttur & he may well be able to do it at the beginning of July @Anotherjohn can you message Rachael his number :slight_smile:


Yes, please do pass on their contact details - thanks!


Just a quick update to say I used Jason Irrgang, as recommended by @BovillBunny. He did a great job, was very easy to have around the place (it helped that he was totally smitten by my dog!) and was very reasonable on cost. He was also able to be quite flexible, fitting in with other work I was having done. Would very happily recommend him.


Oh thanks for the update. Very glad it all worked out nicely!



Just wanted to recommend a great local painter and decorator called Dan Chambers, we just finished a big paint job with him and can’t recommend enough, really good attention to detail, very clean and tidy around the house and also great if you need colour and finish recommendations. Contacts and work here



My friend who lives in Forest Hill had both of his properties painted by this guy and I am just having mine done. Stairs and bedroom. Reasonable prices, quick to work and he lives in East Dulwich - nice guy too! He can also supply paints.


Hi all,
Do any of these people do wallpapering or just painting? I just need someone to put some lining paper up, as I’m really bad at it!


Should we post anything negative here or just recommendations?

I won’t name names, but I’ve had two no-shows from two recommended tradesmen this summer (total of four no-shows). I know it’s hard running a small business, but if you’re too busy to take on more work you need to say so sooner rather than later.


@DevonishForester - you’ve raised an interesting point there. We do allow negative reviews of other sorts of business - such as shops and restaurants - as long as they are clearly based on actual experience, rather than general gossip.

In the case of tradesmen, I think if some has employed them and received service they weren’t happy with and that wasn’t resolved to their satisfaction, there would be a genuine case for warning other forum members.

No-shows are absolutely infuriating but is it worth flagging up a tradesman on that basis? The only risk to potential customers in that case is the loss of their time, not their money. And there is always the chance it was a genuine mistake.



For everyone asking, Jason can be contacted at


We noticed John did an excellent job refurbishing the outside of our neighbour’s house, so we asked him to do ours as well.

He repaired, painted and repointed both the front and back of our house, also replacing some tiles on our shed at no extra cost.

Very good timekeeping, clean, tidy and friendly. His daughter works with him, and she has a great eye for detailed painting work. It’s lovely to see a father / daughter team :slight_smile:

Highly recommended. :+1:

07578 256628