Painter and decorator recommendations



Thank you for the recommendation, John just finished the front of our house. We needed a lot of old paint scraping off, cracks filled and details rebuilt.


Hi John,

Saw your recommendation here in the forum of Athur as a painter but can not find his contact details. Do you mind sharing them with me? Need to have our house repainted.

Many thanks!

Kind regards,



Hi Linda
Artur’s been doing loads of work for me for the past 6 months and that’s likely to continue for at least the next 3 or 4 months.
I guess you’ll want to get your house done during the summer but if you’re still looking for a painter in 3 months or so by all means come back to me and I’ll let you know how much longer he’s likely to be with my bits.
All the best


Hi, thank you but we need the work done this summer sadly. Thanks again!