Parcel - Wrong Address

Anyone know a Luke Vibert?

Received a parcel for him today which was addressed to [redacted] - courier just said number 6 so I took it in.

Problem is 6A doesn’t exist and the people at number 6 don’t know who Luke Vibert is.
It has a return address but thought I’d see if I can get it to the right person first!


Is the postcode on the parcel correct for No 6?


The only thing I can think of at the moment is that this fella lives at 16A and someone typoed on the address.
I’ll wander past and see if 16 has an A tomorrow

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Luke Vibert is a pretty well known music producer :+1:


Is there a block of flats in the road? I sometimes get mail intended for one of the flats at Cobbs Corner. The sender just puts "Flat [number] Kirkdale. So it gets delivered to my house, which has the same door number as the flat in the block at the other end of the road. My auntie had the opposite in her block of flats in Chislehurst, where she got mail intended for a house which had the same door number as her flat.

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He is on Facebook and has a website

You should be able to contact him through his website.


This is a banger.

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As much as I hope it is, surely there’s a good chance it’s not the same one :slight_smile: :grin:

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Try [redacted] - think I found it.

BTW, Wagon Christ have a new album out next month, first in almost a decade!

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How’d you figure that one out?

I’ll pop over tomorrow and update

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We have a resolution.

Turns out was indeed that Luke Vibert - nice guy.

Got a reply from Luke’s manager today through his website letting me know the correct address but @ForestHull had already sussed it out.


I’d googled him when you first posted, but couldn’t see any contact details on his website and I thought “oh what are the chances it’s him?” and thought no more about him. Very well done @ForestHull and others for all your detective work and @Dom_Mo for being such a good neighbour.


Well done Sherlock @ForestHull Holmes and @Dom_Mo!