Parking in Forest Hill



I can’t get to the station except by car, for medical reasons.


‘Town’ always means London.


So no complaints the about people Street parking in roads adjacent to the station and the town then?
Turn the whole area into a CPZ which increases council revenues as well as commuters forced to use the car park and pay (yet more money) Yah! reduction in council tax as money pours into council coffers :laughing:


In that case and because of your need for the car I agree. If it was free from 10am to 4pm that would put off most commuters from doing a free “park and ride” and blocking up the space for shop users.


The CPZ we were in was approved by the locals ten or so years ago, not so much the more recent one near Dartmouth Road.


Brendan I would probably say from my point of view as a trader the majority of my customers come on foot, however on a weekly basis I have people say they wanted to pop in on other occasions after being to another (if they had more than 30 mins parking outside) or if they found a parking space in the first place. I point them in the way of Sainsbury’s car park with 2 hours free & most don’t know about it.

My thoughts are that if more were aware of this it would get more people browsing & hence using more independent shops/cafes etc if they were aware of the 2 hours free parking.

This is my personal opinion & not as FHTA :slight_smile:


I just noticed there is a big car parking sign on the side of Sainsburys but only visible traveling north. There is another one at the junction of Waldenshaw but covered in moss.


Probably why most miss it John :slight_smile:


Good point! And no easy way of correcting your mistake if you miss it (which I’ve done a few times on those occasions when I’ve forgotten I need to go to Sainsbugs on the way home).

Or, for that, matter, there’s no way of even knowing that you’ve missed it!


It’s only been there for 14? years :sunglasses:


Ahem. Yes, but I was meaning anyone new coming through FOH from Dullitch direction - if they don’t know about the left turn for Sainsbury’s parking, they wouldn’t know that it’s there.


There is one on the left, just opposite the bus stop,


??? One what?


Parking sign for Sainsburys if you are coming from Dulwich.


My mistake. I thought when you said…

that there was no visible sign when travelling south!


That quite OK. I had not noticed the very large one high up on Sainsbury’s until yesterday.


I’m sorry to keep banging on but I’ve got an idea (apart from my leaflets and window sticker in every shop and business premises plus the leisure centre and library).

What about if all businesses etc put a map and blurb on their website to tell their prospective clients about our wonderful 2 hours free parking at Sainsbury’s (and Perry Vale (please)).


The signage for the Sainsburys’ car park is rediculous. And, even if you know that there is a car park located behind Sainsburys, it is difficult to find.

I haven’t noticed any new signs and use Google streetview to demonstrate my point, but the images are from 2016, so please photograph new signs that have been put up since.

Entering FH from the Horniman, you need to turn left here (see photo below), but there is no indication of the presence of a car park at the requisite left turn, and there has not even been signage for the car park beforehand.

If you are going out of Forest Hill (and probably not looking for a car park) then there is a very small sign, see below.

However, if you are luck enough to turn into Waldenshaw Road, at the end you will see a further sign when you reach the T-junction at its end, below, middle of image.

You correctly identify the right hand turn and proceed down Manor Mount until you get to the point shown in the below image where you need to turn right, but there is no sign. Carrying straight on leads you down a one-way road back to the S Circular.


There IS a sign to tell you to turn into Priestfield Road. It is on the left just before where you captured that last image. My issue with most of these signs is that they are too small.


Completely agree!