Parking in Forest Hill



Showing them to who? None of our car parks are staffed. @Anotherjohn is right: the local authority car park beside Sainsbury’s in Eltham (ugh) does it that way: a two-part ticket. Sainsbury’s is a big enough retailer it can easily take the hit given that so many of the parked cars are for Sainsbury’s. For the Perry Vale car park, the retailers/restaurants nearest to the car park will bear the ‘hit’ of refunding the parking charges.

Easiest thing to do, I suspect, is to reprogramme the machines for 2 hours free parking.


I would have thought they would share the ‘hit’. Obviously one retailer has to process it, but they could settle up perodicially.


I did suggest that the refund would come after a tenner spend or a fiver but no sale no refund simple really. In Croydon and Kuala Lumpur they sell scratch cards at local shops that you scratch off the date and the time arrived and get parking. So local shops sell the cards getting people in the door. A small margin could go to shopkeeper the rest to LC if the cards cost a few pounds and gave you say 10 x 2 hour parking slots.


Just to add free parking is not going to excite the council so in addition we include the Sainsburys car park and on the cards we print directions to each car park. I am but a mere simple soul surely with the brains out there we can come up with some good ideas. I do think we need to prompt the council in some way and money/revenue works best. There is still the facility for long term parking as the machines would stay and Sunday/Bank holidays and after 6:30 will remain.
In fact rather than a poster campaign to ‘sell’ the car parks give away a parking ticket so you can park and then go and buy you parking scratch cards. I would be happy to volunteer in the town to promote/distribute the first ticket and word of mouth and this forum would do the rest. That’s it sorted! :sunglasses:


I’m sure your ideas and efforts will be instrumental in making this thing work - so I am very grateful.
Thank you


Brilliant, being Perry Vale side of the centre we usually go down to Bell Green if we need to do a supermarket shop as it’s more of a faff getting to the Sainsbury car park in FH. We’d be much more likely to got to central FH and visit the other shops there if the PV car park was free for two hours.


Just a quick note 100,000 scratch cards would cost between 4 -6p each so even at 20p a ticket that’s 14p profit sell all the cards and that’s £14,000.00

That’s equivalent to 2800 cars parking at £5 a time or approx 12 cars a day which is about the average currently (Mon-Sat). My figures are rough but the idea is supercalafragalisticexpealadociuos


Or 10,000 car parkings of up to 3 hours, since the charge for up to 3 hours is £1.40
(I make it 32 car parkings a day)

I am still waiting for 2 hours free, but it has been acknowledged as an idea.


Thank you
My thought was that ‘free’ might not be accepted hence the small cost you probably have access to exact numbers of parking. Look forward to hearing what happens.


But - you park in the Perry Vale car park. You then walk how far to a shop to buy a scratchcard? You then walk back to your car to put it in the windscreen. Or how else do you demonstrate to the traffic enforcement officer that parking has been paid for? You then walk to the shops…

How does this work elsewhere???


As proposed we handout one free card during implementation which gets scheme moving and then perhaps a 2 week amnesty to pick up the stragglers. Word of mouth and forums are wonderful things. Alternatively you pay £1.40 for 3 hours… but you probably only do that once.In Malaysia it works well and because the cost is reasonable no one minds buying a book of tickets.
2 hours free parking obviously is best but is it likely to get approved? Council budgets are stretched. Plus I thought popping in to buy tickets would encourage footfall if only small shops sold them.


That’s so sweet (scuse the pun) I think most Traders wouldn’t have a problem with being paypoints so to speak on this. But I would have to run it past all :slight_smile:


The council website notes that the Perry Vale car park is still free for two hours. Is that the case?


It was the last time I popped down there a couple of weeks ago.
A great option when visiting Havelock Walk this weekend if Sainsburys car park’s busy.
And even for Horniman’s Xmas festivities.


I don’t think the council has any plans to change this and is using it as a reason not to increase the parking times on Dartmouth Road. I think the idea is that if you are driving to the swimming pool or any other shop that may take more than 30 minutes, you should park in Perry Vale or behind Sainsbury’s. It makes sense and if you were shopping in Bromley you would happily walk the 5 minutes to the shops from the car parks. Sadly making sense does not always fit with people’s driving and shopping patterns.

My personal opinion is that 30 minutes is too short for Dartmouth Road parking restrictions (40 minutes in Sydenham), but I have been unable to persuade anybody with the power to change these things.