Parking Malham Road by Industrial units

Had my car written off opposite Shannon’s garden centre by a lorry turning into the industrial units

Did you manage to get the details for insurance purposes?

Sorry this happened, very annoying for you.

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Thank you, luckily, Steve from Rodneys garage took all the details down for me and with some helpful advice from Alex at Rodneys, I have made a successful claim.
This has happened several times to cars along this part of Malham due to larger lorries delivering to the kitchens in the units. It really is a nightmare, there can be several lorries trying to get in or out and they can only go up or down Malham Road.

I had the bumper of another car ripped off when I was on Wastdale, a lorry turning into Malham, I had to claim from my insurance that time.

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Does anyone know anything about Sammy, a used car dealer in Streatham?