Parking near Kings Hospital - update and train journey


Does anyone know what parking is like near Kings Hospital, either in the Car Park or surrounding roads. I remember previously you could park on Ferndene Road if it was not between 12-2pm but not sure if that is still the case.

Has anyone tried the car park recently? I remember when our kids were born it could have long queues, but not sure now as visits are pretty much not allowed for most things if it is emptier.

I know I can get the bus which I might need to do, or the train from Crofton Park, but I help an 80+ year old each week once a day for a short period and am trying to minimise my interactions as much as possible until she is vaccinated at least.

Any thoughts or recent experiences? I’d need to be there for around 9am but not sure how long for due to the current pressures on this hospital, so I imagine waiting times might go up.


Does the (possibly shady) carpark next to Ruskin Park still operate?

Failing that you could try your luck with car park to the Fox up the road… bound to be empty owing to lack of pub patrons - that said, it may be barriered.

It did in November

Thanks @promofaux and @Rosered. Do you k ow if you need to hand them your car keys so they can move the car etc or is it just park and pay?

Assume this is the one whe looking at Kings is on the same side of the road to the left near the traffic lights?

It’s th one that if you are coming from the road that goes past Denmark hill station and would be turning right to go to camberwell/Vauxhall is literally directly opposite (or if you are Coming down Denmark hill towards town it would indeed be on your left immediately you’d crossed the lights. When I was there (end nov) the car park was open and you did have to hand in your keys.


Thanks @Rosered

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Decided I wasn’t confident on the parking options, and the elderly person I help got her jab, so opted for the train from Crofton park (the 8.58am).

Empty train (I’d loosely estimate 1 in 20 seats taken up) and platform so worth considering if you have to make the same journey. I remembered trains being every 30 mins (maybe that is wrong) but they seem to be every 10-15 mins now which is also good.

Pleased to say mask wearing compliance was also very good.


Kinda relevant is this Tweet from Southern:

I think it’s still probably better to carry some hand sanitiser with you if you do need to travel for any reason, but this is a good step.

Also on the subject, King’s (like all hospitals I expect) have hand sanitiser stations at all the entrances, and the main ones usually have security guards making sure people use them (though it’s the rough stuff that’s a bit sticky and smells like bad Tequila, but I’m sure it is very effective, and not for drinking!).

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The building I went into did, hand sanitiser and mandatory temperature check (don’t do what my brother-in-law did and cycle ther for a workout first and have too high a temp to be let in :slight_smile: // they let him in 10 mins later once he had colled down!).

One other point is that whilst my appointment said you could arrive 30 minutes beforehand, in actual fact they were only letting in people 15 minutes before appointments to minimise people inside, something to keep in mind if you arrive early in cold / wet weather as you will need to wait outside if too early.

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