Parking Tickets

Not only have I witnessed these so called Ticket Inspectors abuse their power. I have heard many stories about this.
A friend of mine parked in Lewisham exciting moment to arrive early for a meeting. But so sorry they didn’t park exactly close enough to the ticket machine to actually decide how to pay?? Seriously give people a chance allow technology to update and stop being so happy go lucky to issue a piece of paper!! CCTV evidence should also back this surely?? The story in today’s paper hit a nerve :woman_facepalming:t2::rofl:

But that’s their job. If your friend was ticketed incorrectly then I’d agree. Take a photo(s) of the situation and appeal it… I hope the wardens at the very least hear about the incorrect tickets they give.

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Good Morning,
Thank you kindly for highlighting that and yes I may of come across negative and I apologise. I do totally agree that is there job but I have witnessed such things myself has well.
I have also witnessed some good ticket inspectors out there not many of them but still, who are understanding and are very happy to be helpful. Customer service is key in any job role and to never assume. It’s a unnecessary headache and time-wasting to go through a process that didn’t need to be actioned!! And yes I suppose I feel strongly about that part. But never assume something just because you can’t see something straight away!! Not everyone is trying it on and Technology has changed a lot now and so has our options.

Totally agree about this - when I make a successful appeal I always feel I should be compensated for my time.

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Yes but there is some satisfaction in winning an appeal (I have won four)