Passport photos

Hi. Does anyone know anywhere local to HOP where I can get a passport photo this afternoon? Must be local as no car and have a panto later to get to. Thanks

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One stop to FH train station, photo booth in the ticket hall.


Sainsburys on London Rd have a machine too

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Just thought I’d add to this as needed one this morning for one of my kids, the Pharmacy on the corner of Brockley Rise and South Circular (just by the Jenner practice) does them - you have to ask and they take the photo and print, £6 for 6 photos.

I believe as above Sainsburys FH and Bell Green have photo booths, but this is closer if you are in HOP.


Hi, where is FH can I get passport photos taken?
Thanks so much.

In the station next to ticket office and in Sainsbury’s I think :thinking:

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Great, thanks so much. It’s one of things you probably don’t notice until you need it!

If you have a photo driving license and it is less than 5 years old, you can use that photo by just submitting your driving license number along woth your application.

Snappy snaps Sydenham do them too.

Sydenham Snappy Snaps are quite good for kids too as they sit them on a high chair and an actual person takes the picture with a camera. This can work better with wrigglers than the photo booth type of setup.

Is this service any good for four year olds? We’ve just realised our four year old’s passport expires.

Yep, I think it’s possibly quite a lot better than with a machine.

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For my young ones I have been taking photos on my phone and never had any issues

Did you just use a white background or use an app to edit? Thanks

Stand them in front of a white / light wall, approx. 0.5m away from it not to get the shadows on the wall