Patio decking repairs - local recommendations?



We’ve been a bit remiss with keeping our patio decking in good nick and the extreme weather both over Winter and Summer probably hasn’t helped. And repairing it is well beyond our DIY skills. Does anyone have any local recommendations for a repair/replacement service? Have found a few “London wide” services via Google but would like to give first dibs to someone from the area. Thanks in advance.

Recommended shops and services in SE23

I think Alfredo, the well-recommended gardener on here, does patios and decking.


Just got an email back from Alfredo… he doesn’t do decking but did give me the number of a carpenter.


Has anyone used Bramble & Rose?


Recommend Will Holden of Homeworks - done number of garden jobs for us


Hi @Lesley_Wilkins. Can you give us a contact?



He is on - 07960 930617