PC repair



My laptop is dying. Can anyone recommend a good, honest repairer? Many thanks, John

Lap top playing up ,windows 10 updates not loading?
Recommended shops and services in SE23
PC Repair
PC Repair

Defo not #SS of #TOSS :joy::joy::joy:

I have someone that’s brilliant and helping with the library - info is at the shop so I’ll PM tomorrow xx


Did you find someone ? I know a chap in Bromley. He was A1. I will dig up his details if you like



My work PC wont connect to the internet, it isn’t the cable or the socket as my laptop is fine so must be something in the PC itself. Any recommendations on where I can take it at all?



@BMSE23 What troubleshooting have you done? Is it a Windows machine? I ask because we had similar problems with a Windows laptop and were able to fix the problem ourselves after some extensive googling!

I take it you can’t get online with an Ethernet cable either?


Hi Rachel,

Yes I can’t get online with an ethernet cable, it is a windows machine. Laptop works ok so it’s definitely the PC. I’ve googled and have tried a few suggestions there, no luck yet but will keep trying!



I definitely think it would be worth trying all the fixes you can find online before paying. I think it took me about half a day but I got there in the end!

I assume you’ve done all the obvious stuff - making sure the Ethernet cable is enabled, network card is behaving itself, etc? This link lists the computer-related fixes that helped me (you need to scroll down past the list of OS fixes which are probably not relevant).

Of course, once you’ve tried all these and get to fixes than demand an internet connection, you’re going to be stuck. Best of luck.


Thanks Rachel really appreciate it!



Check to see if there are lights on the back of the network card on the back of the PC. If there aren’t then the network card is likely to be malfunctioning/dead.
Feel free to PM me.



Has your problem been resolved ?