PCR fit to fly tests

I’m wondering if anyone has used Perry Vale dental surgery for PCR tests and if so would you recommend them? I know Randox has been mentioned here before but they have dreadful reviews. Or maybe you could recommend somewhere else? We have 4 teenagers to test. Thanks in advance.

Yes, I have used them twice. They are reliable and conscientious. Randox stinks–do not use. Negative reviews are right on target.

Thank you for replying - that’s very reassuring. I think I will book with them.

I have used Randox 8 times for PCR tests, and the results have always been provided within 24 hours using their drop box in Thornton Heath. I may have been lucky, but based on my experience I would definitely use them again.

In fact, before I decided on Randox, I did originally try to book at Perry Vale Dental twice but they did not reply to either of my emails - which has now been removed from their website and replaced with a telephone number.

Thank you Robert, that’s really interesting to hear. So much rests on it that I can’t afford a mistake!