Pearcefield Ave Car Park

Hi everyone, new poster here.

Can I check the rules regarding parking in Pearcefield Ave Car Park - am I right in thinking to get the initial two hours free all you do is get a ticket from the machine ?

I don’t have to register my mobile or anything like that ?

I’m using the car park for the first time while I’m at the nearby gym which I’ve just joined and I always fear I’m going to get some outrageous fine ?

Thanks for you help

Yes, thanks for campaigning by the Forest Hill Society I believe.

Well yes… but the machine was knackered for a long time and was unusable. I’m not sure if that is still the case, so perhaps have the PayByPhone app set up ready to make a 0p payment just in case?

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

The machines were both working this morning when impasses (there’s one in the covered parking too), so you should be fine.:crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the replies and advice.

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I try to remmebr to keep[ pen and paper in the car to write a note. The important thing is to have a note with the date and time you parked for the two hours to start from. There have also been times when some of the numbers wouldn’t work so I print off a ticket and add mine.