Peckham Park

Anyone know what is happening in Peckham park. I passed this morning and can see boards up!


I hope it’s not another Duncombe Hill Green!

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Peckham Green?

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There’s a festival on Peckham Park next weekend. They are setting up for that.


Thanking you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

So true I admit was a tad suspicious hard not to be!! Thank goodness is isn’t #SaveOurGreenSpaces :hugs:

The name ‘Peckham Green’ threw me because there was no such place when I was growing up there in the 60s.
I’ve just street-viewed it and how different it is from when I was living in the old LCC flats on the corner of Commercial Way and Sumner Road.
I used to walk up that way to school, going past what was Peckham Manor Boys to where that park is now and up towards the old Odeon cinema on Peckham High Street - and the little chippy there where I used to get a 3d bag of chips after Saturday morning pictures.
I see that there’s now a local campaign for Southwark Council not to use it to take up their housing shortage, which seems a bit ironic to me because they demolished my old estate for lower-density housing and flattened the houses that I knew at the top end of Sumner Road to make the park.