Perry Rise - busy road?

Hi all, my husband and I are looking to potentially move to Forest Hill and don’t know the area too well. We saw a lovely house on Perry Rise (further from the station after the mini roundabout) but were concerned about how busy the road was and general road noise. To be fair we were viewing the house at 6.30pm on a weekday so probably peak time but is it generally a busy road all of the time? Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated!

I would not describe it a s a busy road. However, if you choose a house near the traffic lights, I think you will frequently have vehicles idling outside.

I’d say it’s a known route, how noisy it is out of rush hour I can’t fully answer that but it’s not heavy traffic in my experience when I have used it.

hi, we live not far from the mini roundabout, and had the same concern when we moved here. It’s a B road, so well used by thru traffic, a good proportion speeding if they can, and I’d say the road is busy around school/work run time in the mornings, much quieter in the evenings after rush hour, during the working day and at weekends. Our rooms facing the road are double glazed and we don’t notice noise too much, but if you open the windows on that side of the house it can be disturbing. My neighbour installed a third glazing layer and you could hear nothing at all then.

The road noise is not noticeable in rooms at the back of the house away from the road though, and as that’s where the lounge and kitchen are we’re fairly untroubled. Same in the garden at the back, road noise is never enough to be a problem there.


I lived on Perry Rise for more than 10 years with a bedroom facing the street, near the Prince of Wales pub. I don’t recall us ever being aware of any traffic or pub noise.

This was quite a few years ago, but even if the traffic flow is greater now, I don’t see why the peak noise level should be higher than it was then.

It’s busy first thing in the morning, around school picking up times and early evening. Otherwise fine.

Thanks so much for all your advice! Appreciate it.

Live near the bell green end of Perry Rise, I find it noisy in summer if you want the windows open. It can be busy as well with traffic queuing at peak times. We don’t have much of a front garden though so are right on the road. It’s also very bright with the street lights at night which has pros and cons. When sat in the garden though it’s very peaceful so just a issue at the front of the house.