Perry Vale one-way system



Just wanted to say that I really like the idea of the proposal from the forest hill society, it would make a big difference for traders on that stretch, not sure how I can copy paste the info here but maybe someone can link it to the forest hill society website


Thanks for the reminder that I should have posted the link here.

Please take a look and tell us what you think in the survey link at the bottom.


Stop the terrible parking there and you are onto a winner.


Nice idea. Need to consider the way the junction of Waldram Crescent and Perry Vale would work, otherwise it could lead to accidents between cars wishing to continue onto the narrowed section and those turning into PV from WC.

My other concern would be the cost vs benefit. It’s a relatively short stretch, benefiting a relatively small number of businesses. I wonder if it could be done cheaply, without expensive pavement works, a la NYC Broadway.


Doesn’t need a lot spending on it, I agree with @_Ed Just a narrowing, and maybe a protected opposing bike lane .
Won’t stop cars turning off the South Circ onto it of course, not some of them. Accident waiting to happen the speed people take the bend.

Nice idea, but needed, I’m not sure.

One question though… If this is to benefit local businesses, how does it do that by removing all the parking that is currently there, and narrowing the road as per diagram?


Worry this will lead to more congestion on Waldram Crescent, tailing back to the south circ, and make that corner even more dangerous than it is. Also, without parking etc, the regeneration will need to focus on footfall-based businesses, open at the area’s peak times, and not merely 9-5. And yes, it’s a short stretch so relatively little benefit if it’s going to be a pain in the backside.


I very much doubt that most people shopping there arriving with cars, therefore pedestrians coming from the station would find it an improvement on a less crowded road, I often avoid the superstore across the road from the station simply because I would need to cross a bussy road twice, I understand not a big deal to cross maybe but still a barrier


Totally understand your concerns.
As for how people arrive at the shops, it will depend on a few things.

1/ what type of business sets up
2/ hours of said business
3/ what percentage of footfall is commuters vs locals passing in vehicles

For a shop to keep hours to suit commuters, it would need to be something like a cafe, fast food store, or convenience store. We have plenty of the first 2, and not sure an independent could compete with the Co-Op so near by.

People arrive at the Co-Op all the time by car.
Also, speaking of vehicles… Deliveries, on a narrow one way road. Tough tight left turn from Waldram Cresent to serve said business, then nowhere to park when they do.


Any change to the layout would include dedicated loading bays and some (limited) parking bays for shoppers.

The aim is to regenerate this short stretch of road, the only road in Forest Hill with shops that is not on a bus route and main road, so it provides an opportunity that does not exist on Dartmouth or London Roads, if the pavement is widened a little.

We want existing businesses to thrive and we want to make better use of a number of empty units that currently exist. The opening of a fishmonger tomorrow shows that this could be an important part of Forest Hill town centre. A relaxed shopping experience on the side of the railway where approximately half of Forest Hill residents live.

This is deliberately designed to be a small scheme which is relatively cheap and easy to implement and without causing massive disruption.

But I’m biased, I’ve been thinking about this scheme or similar for years, that’s why it is so important to hear other opinions and for people to complete the survey at


I use this stretch of road in both directions frequently. There is relatively little traffic on it compared to the stretch past Waldram Crescent so I’m not sure what making the road one way would achieve. If it’s just to widen the pavements, then meh. Do wider pavements make a street look better?

The thing that makes this stretch unattractive to me is the heavy parking of lorries and vans, not the traffic. I barely know what shops are there as I can’t see them. If relying on footfall, it seems to me there are two choices: to provide amenities for commuters or; provide eateries and higher end or niche shopping that people will drive to (like Northcross Rd in ED).

The new fishmongers may provide an anchor for the second option. But then what about the existing traders? While the stretch looks shabby, are these traders happy and doing sufficient business? If so they have no motivation to ‘regenerate’.


Spot on!


This. Every time I go down that way there is at least one double parked car which blocks half the road. I couldn’t actually get in the road once as two cars were double parked opposite each other…


If there’s much less parking that would pretty much kill off my pizza purchases from Piazza Della Cucina: the JK Banqueting traffic will be a nightmare.

On the other hand, if it’s one way, that would stop traffic coming off the South Circular westbound, driving straight up Perry Vale without signalling that they are, as the Highway Code sees it, turning left.


I drove up Thicket Rd without signalling the other day and was beset by guilt at the number of times I get annoyed with people doing same at the Perry Vale turn-off. :slight_smile:


Been on the receiving end of that on my bike on a few occasions - scary it is.


It’s a bit scary as a pedestrian, too!

The other dodgy junction is where Sunderland Road meets the South Circ.


The other end of Sunderland road isn’t much better - a very shallow corner mean any vehicles coming down Perry Vale and turning left up into Sunderland are often doing a fair lick and the stupid hedge on that corner mean they can’t see crossing pedestrians. Fortunately it’s not a common route but pram and I nearly got flattened the other weekend.


The parking particulary the double or on more then one occasion treble parked cars/vans needs sorting before wasting the inevitable going over budget ??


Doesn’t seem to happening on the Dartmouth Road and there is no church there


Churches and all the barbers / hairdressers along that stretch certainly does,nt help