Perry Vale one-way system



Dont forget the nail bars. Apparently if you own one or use it you can just Park right there.


What’s wrong with the current road layout/system?


I’ve also been thinking about Perry Vale and the amount of traffic on it for years and I’d go a lot further than altering just that little stretch (however while I’m fully supportive of the proposed changes, I think that the portion of the road would be far better off totally pedestrianised). The fact that in the last couple of years there have been three incidents where cars have left the road and would have killed someone in the wrong place at the wrong time - having only one injury as a result is amazing. These are just the ones that I know about too.

I’d extend the one way all the way back to Westbourne Drive. It would make the area on the Perry Vale side of the tracks a far nicer place for the majority of people who use it (ie pedestrians).


@Ross Can you support the fact that pedestrians are the biggest user? You see, putting traffic somewhere else make that area look great but screws it up somewhere else.


Seems there is a driver Vers pedestrians argument, how come it works all over the world and yer making a small stretch one way attracts so much attention


Because it’s our little stretch :grin:


Why not make it one way, Perry Vale and Waldram, off the south circular as far as the car park/Royal Mail? Keep Westbourne as two way, for entry/exit.


I’d still go with leave it as it is.
Also remember that the road management of Perry Vale changes up by the cab office from TfL red route, to Lewisham highways.
All this talk of Aaah just pedestrianise it… Great idea, but then the traffic moves elsewhere, increasing its distance, and factually just ends up with those roads suffering worse driving.
Just a quick note too. As with crossings etc, nothing stops a speeding or out of control car hitting pedestrians. Not signs, lights or road markings.

Personally I think spending any money on this at all is a complete waste. And to mask it with “it’s for the local community and businesses” is just rubbish.
Just my opinion as a user of the roads in many forms.


If it’s not for these reasons, what do you think it’s for?


I don’t understand how it will change the dynamic of the road one bit. Waldram crescent will become busier and probably more congested, it is unlikely to become more appealing for local businesses with only one direction of traffic and very limited parking available.

Its all very nobel and all, but I just can’t see it having the impact. Therefore I don’t see it as “for the community”.

Sorry to say there have been many road ‘improvement’ plans which have had no or a negative impact, just look at the welcome the “change of sight lines” on the very same Perry Vale, got.


I couldn’t say. I turn in to that end of Perry Vale Monday to Friday to get to work. I’d say you get more consistent vehicle traffic 24/7 as well as the rush hour build ups. But then the pedestrians are absolutely heaving during commuting rush hours. Would definitely need some sort of study or analysis to establish but would the costs be worth it?


How would this affect disabled people? And pedestrianisation would presumably mean no drop off points for the disabled, so no access to the shops etc on the area involved?


The stretch of road is 40 yards long at most and I would be gobsmacked if disabled useage is not included in the design.


If that section were one way then you could have one Lane Of Traffic With Parking Diagonal To The Pavement, like You Sometimes See In The US, many More Spaces Is Obviously Good For Local Businesses.


with all the new developments on the Perry vale side over the next two years (portacabin site, Hotel on Coop side and Iron works) I wondered if this proposal is still being looked at or whether it was shelved by now


It is on the list of projects that Lewisham is looking for money (not a lot) from TfL to deliver.


Great, thank you for the update