Perry Vale resurfacing & closed over night w/c 15th April


Perry Vale is getting resurfaced, over nights, in the week commencing 15th April, during which time the road will be closed according to this sign:

I’ve not seen a sign at the other end, so unsure how far the resurfacing will go.

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Sunderland Rd is scheduled for resurfacing from April 8-10. Signs out asking residents to park elsewhere.


Same on Hawkesfield Road, signs went up a few days ago


Will be closed from Hindsleys Place to Mayow Road


Do you mean Hindsley Place ?


Annoyingly (for Sunderland Road) there’s no way to tell if our refuse collection due on Wednesday the 10th will be affected. Can’t get any information on the Lewisham website, which seems to have become broken due to recent changes and sending them a message on Twitter hasn’t elicited a response yet either.


Yep. Must’ve had a moment.


@Bolgerp Did you get the letter they put through our doors last week? That says the work is starting Monday for approx 2 days so the contractors have already added a 3rd day on the signs they’ve put up! The letter doesn’t mention anything about our refuse collection but it does say for any further information or if you have any concerns to contact Anthony Ajala on 020 8314 2588 but when you ring the number it rings out and then you’re told the mailbox is full! His email address is given as but whether you get a response is another thing!


Hi Chris. Yes did get the note through the door so was similarly surprised when the 10th was included as an “extra” date on the signs stuck up on the street. Am also not getting any joy from the phone number/email or from Lewisham’s on website/phone/email. Nice to see the 6% increase in council tax is making such a difference.


I found the same on mobile (Android), but it did work from Desktop Chrome for me, though I’m not sure if it knows about scheduled works or just the timetabled collections.