Petition regarding a school crossing patrol on Cranston road

Please sign this petition below which I set up :point_down:.You just need to create a log in- it takes 1 minute it and it could save a life!!

CRANSTON ROAD is currently dangerous to cross without a lollypop person or a proper pedestrian crossing near the junction with Loxton road. Vehicles drive way above the 20mph speed limit and potentially endanger our children that have to cross that road on to the way to school.

John Paschoud- local councillor will be presenting the petition at the Council meeting on Wed 22nd Jan at 7.30pm (if anyone wants to come along with me to show there is strong public feeling, I’d be grateful :crossed_fingers:). In the meanwhile, please please sign and share please.

Cranston Road has high volumes of traffic, particularly at peak times and when children are travelling to and from several schools. Often vehicles are exceeding the 20mph limit on this long, straight residential road. A crossing patrol at school times is essential near the junction with Loxton Road, and further measures such as a proper controlled pedestrian crossing and enforcement of the 20mph speed limit would help to reduce the chance that a child will be killed or seriously injured on this road.


We’re living away from SE23 at the moment but our place is very near this, and I’m a) worried about the lollipop lady and b) worried about the kids who cross that road.

Previously on 5/12/2020 there was the following message from at least Kilmorie:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our lollipop lady, Anya is leaving as of today. There will be no one to monitor the crossing in Cranston Road for the rest of the term and possibly into January 2020. We will keep you updated when we have any further news,

I had assumed that a new lollipop person was being automatically sought, but this sounds like that’s not the case.

Do you know what’s the situation here, is it cuts or a recruitment problem?

I personally very much value the lollipop persons and will be signing the petition.


I never knew her name but I waved at her every day and swapped “good mornings” with her. Shame she has had to leave…

Hi @Kirsten_brooks,

There’s was any results with the petition at the Council meeting on Wed 22nd Jan? I am doing a research about lollipop ladies and was wondering if I could speak to you.

Thank you,
Beatriz Bandeira


Do you know if there is already a lollipop lady in Cranston Road?
Thank you :slight_smile:

If you are asking if there is now a replacement, I’ve not heard that there is one, but I go that way on Thursdays so can report back tomorrow.

No one there this morning as I cycled past…

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I didn’t see one this morning either…