Petition to save New Cross walk-in centre


I thought many on here might be interested in signing this petition to save New Cross walk-in centre.

I find it extremely difficult to get a GP appointment at Brockley Road Surgery, and so I think it is worrying and nonsensical that our local walk-in centre is closing.

The petition reads as follows:
"Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group are planning to close New Cross Walk-In Centre.

The closure would be bad for our community. The Walk-In Centre is well-used, and well-valued by the local community. The closure would reduce access to primary healthcare in our area, which is one of the most deprived in London. It would have a particularly significant impact on homeless people and on undocumented migrants. 82% of respondents to the consultation opposed the closure, as do the local Councillors, Vicky Foxcroft MP, and the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign.

The closure would be bad for Lewisham Hospital. The consultation itself found that 40% of patients using the Walk-In Centre would use Lewisham Hospital if it was closed. This would represent 11,800 additional patients visiting Lewisham Hospital each year, at a time when it is already struggling to meet demand; Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust has missed the A&E waiting time target every month for over 2 years. And the closure is terribly timed; the Walk-In Centre would close on 31st December, just as we head into another winter crisis for the NHS.

We the undersigned are calling on Lewisham CCG to cancel the planned closure, to keep New Cross Walk-In Centre open, and to go back to the drawing board, involving local residents and clinicians in a genuine discussion about the future of local primary healthcare.

This petition will be delivered to:Chair of Lewisham CCG
Dr Marc Rowland
Lewisham CCG"


Thank you! Signed! I cannot believe they want to close it.


signed! I can never get an appointment at my GP (Wells park practise) and have used the centre on more than one occasion.
its a lifesaver! I had a severe reaction to an insect sting and It was a case of going to a&e or the walk in centre…I chose the walk in centre they were fantastic!
As our GP surgeries become more and more overstretreched full-time workers like myself rely on the walk-in centres




Also signed. Getting appointment at Wells Park involves a miracle. Found walk in centre well managed and twice used sorted issue


looks as though it will close in March.


I am very very angry. The stupidity and no care for people is beyond my understanding.


Can anyone refer us to a document setting out the CCG’s reasons for closing the centre? Presumably it wasn’t just an arbitrary cost-cutting measure.



Walk-in is not the best practice??
GPs to work 7 days a week, 8am till 20pm??

Absolutely crazy!


As I understand it, the GP extended access service will be available from 8.00 to 20.00 7 days a week (at Lewisham Hospital) but I don’t think that means individual GPs will have to work all those hours!