Phil and Teds double buggy Verve - for sale £40


Hi there.

I have a Phil and Ted’s verve For Sale - it’s a few years old and I borrowed from a friend who doesn’t want it back. It’s in good working condition and would be great for someone expecting a second.

It has the front seat and baby cocoon which goes under the top seat in a secure hatch area. However it is missing a hood and second seat (which can be purchased second hand or from P&T direct).

£40 and pick up in SE23.

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If you haven’t already, can I recommend posting on SE23 Mums Facebook group as well as here. There are lots of items for sale and lots of potential buyers in this group:


Yes - the SE23 Mums group is more geared up for trading items like this.


Ah thanks. Not on Facebook but thanks for suggestion.

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