Philosophy and Critical Thinking Class: Art and Beauty

What is beauty? Who decides what should be considered art? How can our aesthetic experience be explained? The course will address these and other salient questions in philosophical aesthetics. Lively discussions in class will be supported by visual examples as well as optional background reading, as we draw on the writings of prominent thinkers such as Plato, Kant, Hume and Tolstoy.

Fee: £81 (full) £54 (reduced)
Starts: Thursday 28 February
Ends: Thursday 4 April
Time: 6-8pm
Location: Brockley Rise Centre,
2 Brockley Rise,
Crofton Park,
SE23 1PR

To enrol email

Heya, this sounds great. Is it all discursive or is there a written aspect to it too? And would you say it’s beginners or aimed at people who’ve studied a bit of philosophy before? Thanks in advance.

Hi, Sorry it has taken so long to reply. I have had the following response from the organiser/ tutor:-

The course doesn’t require prior knowledge, just a willingness to think along, ask questions and discuss relevant issues with others. There is no written element. I’ll send out optional readings for each meeting, so whoever wants can turn up prepared or, if they choose, they can attend the class first and read the text later. The course will aim to be fairly interactive, lively class discussions and a few short Lecture’s from me.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks for coming back to me. I’ve emailed the address given a couple of times but perhaps my spam filter is eating the responses. If you’re able to get a message to her, then please let her know I would be interested in attending the first session. Please DM me if you need more details.


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