Piazza della cucina - pizza place on Perry Vale

This place just opened up on Perry Vale near the station. Its got a small but lovely selection of pizzas available. I picked one up as takeaway on Thursday and it was delicious. One of the nicest crusts I’ve had in a long time.

From the street it looks like takeaway only as the front is dominated by the stone oven. But down a couple of steps and through a hole in the wall and its a large sit down restaurant with a nice relaxed feel.

From the Fab Forest Hill FB page it looks like they are offering a free glass of prosecco this weekend if you dine in, or 10% off if you takeaway.


I went here with my family this evening and it was very nice. Yes there was a free glass of bubbly wine this weekend too… They are still getting things together but what is there was very good. Personally I think the pizzas are better at Bona but my kids liked it very much, probably more so. Especially the banana and chocolate calzone pictured below. We’ll be back


That desert looks epic. I’m sold!


I wish these guys the very best of luck in their new venture, and a great addition to Perry Vale :+1:

But please people don’t forget to carry on supporting @BOnA_Pizza & Konrad’s Kitchen in their sourdough pizza offering.

I can tell you from experience (and some are probably aware of this & I did go OTT because it threatened my livelihood, though I do to this day stick by my original findings, but hope this has now changed for the better for customers) that having a new niche business set up close by could potentially hit the existing businesses hard for a few months, so please support all as we don’t want to lose any or put strain on them :slight_smile:

So in other words, please eat lots of pizza in FH over the next few months everyone :joy:

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I think these are two businesses that could benefit each other rather than take business one from the other. BoNa is often packed out so there seems to be plenty of pizza business out there. Knowing that there is a choice of sit-down venues makes people more likely to come to the area as well. When St David’s was the one coffee shop in town, I would think twice about heading to FH for a sit-down coffee because it was often full when I got there. Now I know I have several options, I don’t hesitate.


We had a family meal here on Saturday night and I was very happy, with the pizzas and the welcome.

Few teething problems (they hadn’t yet had their gelato delivered which was a shame, and the upstairs room is very warm due to the pipes from the oven) but I personally thought the pizza was on a par with Bona and the service was excellent.

Apparently they will soon be expanding the menu to include pasta and salads which is really great news, as although my family are ardent pizza eaters it’s nice to have a choice!


Just had a takeaway from here. I’d give it a solid 8/10, not quite in the league of Bona but to my amateur tongue seemed “authentic” with good quality ingredients and a great crust. Definitely a good addition to FH - Bona aside, well ahead of any other local pizza option.


Just enjoyed a pizza here with @Liz_Hall. It was a bit hot upstairs but we sat downstairs where the temperature was fine. There was a little bit of building work going on but nothing too distracting.

Staff very friendly and the pizza was good. Decent base, although the tomato sauce doesn’t compete with the magical stuff they put on Mamma Dough pizzas. Picante pizza wasn’t particularly spicy.

I’d say 7/10 for the Piazza Della Cucina experience overall (versus 8/10 for BOnA and 9/10 for Mamma Dough).

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The tomato sauce at Bona is better than Mamma Dough’s. However, they seem obsessed with “white” pizzas (no tomato sauce). The Bona dough is a lot chewier, which at first I thought was a negative, but after a few tries, I’ve ended up vastly preferring Bona’s approach. Plus they do free home delivery for orders over £20.

At the end of the day, both Mamma Dough and Bona are amazing, and we are SOOOO lucky to have them both.


Finally had Bona Pizza. IMHO the crust and Base at Della Cucina was better. Mush crisper which is my preference. Though Bona had more interesting toppings.

Nice nonetheless to have choice in the neighbourhood.

We finally tried out Piazza della Cucina fairly late on the way home from a festival on Saturday night. I don’t know if it had anything to do being in the open air all day, but I thought their pizzas were absolutely delicious! We’d visited Rocca in Dulwich Village earlier in the week which was surprisingly disappointing… Piazza delle Cucina’s pizzas were far superior (and better value). What a treat to have this new pizzeria on this side of the tracks :yum:

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Can only second that, tried first time on Friday and pizza was amazing, staff very friendly too, great addition to forest hill

Had lunch there with the in laws yesterday. Pity that we were the only people there but a good welcome/service and good pizza made up for that. Relatively cheap but a limited menu at present so looking forward to salads etc…

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I am looking forward to going but waiting to see if they will offer a couple of salad / pasta options - nothing too complicated but would be nice to have one other choice!

You are absolutely right.)))

I promise you that in less then a month , from outside , is going to look perfect for a restaurant.))


Nice to see you on the forum, welcome :slight_smile:

If you want to get involved in the community please pop in to my shop for a chat anytime & I can add you to our traders google group so that you can be involved with joint traders events etc :+1:

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Thanks.Were is you shop ???


Sugar Mountain 57 Dartmouth Road :slight_smile:

I’ve now eaten here twice in the last two weeks and I can only say that this is my favourite pizza (& bruschetta) ever!!! No longer any need for me to go to East Dulwich or even to Dartmouth Road for Pizza. It’s lovely to have such quality places on Perry Vale!