Pictures of the past

I have just come across this Flickr collection of images of Sydenham and surrounding areas inc FH
There are some cracking photos in there - some I have seen before and some that are new.
Interesting shots of FH station, pools and library amongst many others…
The lack of cars on the street gives a different perspective I think…


That’s the Flickr account of our Local History Hero Steve Grindlay. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to attend one of Steve’s talks, you enjoyed a real treat.

Steve’s book Sydenham and Forest Hill Through Time shows the old and new side by side…


Oooh - that’s a nice Christmas present for someone, for sale on Amazon (with Prime) too:

The 46 pictures of the Bell Green gasholders and works are amazing too!

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You can buy individual photos as prints from Lewisham Archives too:

Some will be the same, others different!


Kirkdale books also had a copy last time I was in (trying to avoid Amazon).
If someone just wants a look without the investment there is also a copy at Forest Hill library.

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