Pigeons on TV aerials

We have a skylight that sits below our TV aerial. Unfortunately it’s also a favourite spot for one pigeon and likes to sit there and squit one out on the window.

We’re looking for a way to keep him off the aerial, we bought some bird spikes that tie round that look like they could do the trick but no idea who I can call to fit them, any ideas or suggestions?

Do you have (or know) a window cleaner - they’re usually good with ladders and climbing things!?

Last year in a storm we had a bit of lead flashing come loose from around the chimney. Repair was a simple job requiring some nails and a hammer. But it was hard finding someone to do it for a fair price and without using scaffolding.

We found Albion Roofing and found their service excellent, quick and on the okay side of cost.

Thank you. Don’t know of a window cleaner but will look into that.

The moment scaffolding comes into it prices rocket, so might just grim and bare the clean up for now

What about a TV aerial installer? Perhaps you could also have the aerial moved so the droppings land elsewhere.

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