Pizza at Trattoria Raffaele


Trattoria Raffaele in Sydenham do very good authentic pizza, very quick for pick up. Also calzone.

Mamma Dough
Weekly Update - 20th June

sounds fab!

From having ZERO options only a couple of years ago, we have some nice options (despite it being ‘beyond SE23’).

Whereabouts is this place, and what else is on the menu? As a 50/50 gluten free household, pizza is not always the solution, but Italian food is a favourite


Looks like it might be your new go-to gluten free place: Bruschetta, dough balls, and pizza, all gluten free. They have been around a long time. They are in SE26, but barely out of SE23.


sounds great - always love places that put GF on the menu. Having said that, we don’t go out locally that much for dietary reasons, but if there is a place we know and trust, then who knows …

thanks for the info - will check it out


They’ve been there since 2008. I think before that it was run by the current owner’s father and had a different name.


Recently written up in the Evening Standard


ha ha ha! Yes, I knew I recognised the name

this is the “neighbourhood restaurant that is the best restaurant in London” according to TripAdvisor!

I’ve been meaning to check it out since i heard that and this is an extra reason. thanks for that!!!


Yes, you’re right Gary. The son took over from his Dad & is a lovely guy :slight_smile: