Pizzarte [Now Open]



I wish you luck, but the absolute last thing this area needs is more pizza.


Best of luck, pleased to see a new business coming to the parade- hopefully your presence will encourage other business into the vacant premises next door. All the best! X


Went past on the bus this morning and saw they have fitted their sign ‘Pizzarte’
I hope they do real Italian gelato for pudding! I can’t seem to find any really good gelato despite so many Italian restaurants nearby!


Sorbets and gelatos in Le Querce are great. All home made and some really interesting flavours.


We’ll definitely come and try your restaurant out once it’s open. Best of luck!


Lots of progress, it’s looking good guys. Good luck x



My partner and I checked out PizzArte last night. The proprietors welcomed us warmly and the pizza tastes authentic and delicious: thin crust with high level ingredients (parma ham, spicy sausage, rocket…). We ordered a delicious bottle of chianti (might go for a cheaper option next time) and a ceaser side salad with juicy anchovies and a tangy garlicky sauce.

While I agree that SE23 already has some excellent pizza restaurants, this part of Brockley Rise is not exactly blessed with culinary or retail delights. For those of us living nearby PizzArte offers a cozy and appealing local option. The menu has Italian pasta and salad dishes and desserts. I get the idea that they are playing to their strengths and sticking to classics. I wish the friendly proprietors well, and will be back!


I walked past this morning and it looks really smart. We’re very local and hoping it’s good (and family-friendly…)


I think it will be a great addition to the Neighborhood- friendly, welcoming and very professionally-run. Families will definitely appreciates the warm, clean ambience.


Feeling all emotional reading these lovely comments thank you so much :heart:

Between us we have three children 4,5 & 25 years old … yes that’s right I’ve not added 25 by mistake lol …I’ve a twenty year gap !!!
We really do have first hand experience with kids, specially trying to keep them entertained whilst dining out …
Of course all kids welcome.
We have colouring for now but hoping to have a little toy box or even a little child friendly play area … just bare with us.
Thank u to everyone that’s popped in to wish us luck, so hoping to have some childcare sorted so I can come in and mingle with u all when you come in … :+1::smile:

but be warned I can talk the legs of u :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: x


Welcome to the area, I walked past today and had a look at the menu, looks good! I am hoping to pop in soon as I live very close by :smile::smile:

Do you have a website or Facebook etc?


Great news - I have always considered myself a bit of Pizzartist.


Delighted to see this open, this corner has long needed some regeneration. My girlfriend and I went to dinner this evening, amazing pizza and great service. Really pleased to see this is going to be a fantastic venue.


So excited for you all, looking forward to coming in with my family to taste your culinary delights. Good to hear you are child friendly, so many places in the area are not.

Congratulations for your new venture


Yes I think it looks really smart!


Gave into curiosity and enjoyed a spontaneous dinner here this evening. It was delicious! Lovely thin based, authentic tasting pizza and friendly, welcoming staff. Also the Tirimisu is amazing! Wishing them all the best! We will be back soon :slight_smile:


I was also very curious so took my family there last night. Lovely place, the pizza was fabulous. I’m so please they have opened and really do wish them well on this new venture. Will definitely be back, its great to have a new local. Looking forward to seeing how the menu develops, and I hope to see more pasta choices soon.


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Can you stop posting these photos please - they’re driving my salivary glands crazy!