Pizzarte [Now Open]



Agree that fantastic though the pizza is some more pasta options would be good too. Cabonata? Arabiata? Even the classic bolognese would get my vote.


Does anyone know if they offer gluten free bases for the pizzas? Also is there a menu available online - seen one on deliveroo but know this doesn’t always include everything available in the restaurant?


Hello! I personally have known about this group since I moved to SE23 over a year ago (Elsinore Rd) but have only been spurred into joining yesterday to review this place as it seems they are yet to have a tripadvisor, Facebook or google account active for me to post about it.


I went a couple of nights ago and had a very nice spinach & ricotta cannelloni. It all tasted very fresh. Agree more pasta choices would be good. Great to have a nice restaurant so close.


We are from Bravos Motorcycles around the corner from Pizzarte and we’ve been paying attention on how much effort and passion these people have been putting into this restaurant. We really want our neighbours to succeed and help bring life to this forgot corner. So we tried them last night and it surpass our expectations. Best authentic Italian ingredients, friendly service at reasonable price. Godspeed guys!


Just had our first dinner here. Great to have a local pizza restaurant - attentive staff and nice pizzas. Would have liked the base to be more crispy though


I don’t like pizza (yes, weird) but the other food is right street NOM NOM


I did try to eat there on Saturday with the family, a bit after 6pm, and it was full bar a couple of tables for 2, which is a good sign (though not for us!).

Will try again in the near future and report back.


Sunday night was quiet, only 3 or 4 other tables when we went in about 7.30. Excellent antipasti plate and delicious pizza, toppings almost to the edge so no excess crust, Great coffee and a shot of limoncello to finish, couldn’t manage the tiramisou as well so will have to go back. Great addition to the area, those people that moaned about another pizza place should go along. Very friendly and welcoming, good service, nice atmosphere.


Can anyone share a pic of the menu? Or do they have a website I just can’t find?


Not a great photo sorry…


What worries me is that we have quite a few pizza places to eat now, and can they all survive?

My prefference is Bona @BOnA_Pizza but I don’t often eat pizza (weirdo I know :slight_smile:)
But the cotto ham and field mushroom combo is always a winner for me by them.

I would love it if new food establishments would offer something different like authentic Spanish Tapas, authentic Italian home cooking. I love veal piccata but can’t get it quite right myself, traditional Mexican would alsp be a winner for me, thats not fajitas and tortillas BTW :slight_smile:

Getting hungry now, ahh well toast and tea before bed :slight_smile:


Hopefully pizzarte is far enough away they wont eat into each others trade too much- that side of forest hill is a bit under-served.

Absolutely yes to a Mexican place however- that would be awesome!


I walked past on Tuesday evening. It looked very attractive with lots of lights. But there was no-one in there.




Tuesday was such horrible weather though. I had actually planned to go on Tuesday but couldn’t face the walk in the rain!


We went this evening and were very impressed. Great, friendly service. They’ve done it up really nice too. Food was excellent and we would recommend the tiramisu for sweet. Looks like they have collection and someone from uber or deliveroo arrived too.

Excellent to see a restaurant at that part of town. Will be back soon. Preaching to the converted but let’s support local businesses!


Hi guys! I have notice this Pizzeria and looking at the picture…seems very delicious!

Do you know if they are open today Monday as well?
Thank you


They looked like it when I walked past earlier


Well tried it tonight 30/11/18 ,service excellent food good room for improvement nothing serious,they use bought in food don’t make their own dough no sourdough so will reserve judgment till ther up fully and running out of ten 6