ANOTHER ONE?!?! Do they get bulk discount on tomato sauce if they’re located in HOP?!?! There must be a reason for this !!


That’s not actually Honor Oak Park is it? I agre though it’s becoming like Pizza Palace :grimacing:


My kingdom for a decent Mexican place!!!


I’m still trying to work round local pizza places and we do love the Chandos. As long as it’s a proper restaurant. Last thing that stretch needs is another take away with mopeds roaring up & down…


That used to be a curry house many years ago

I think we have pizza covered already :confused:

I think pizza is popular as it is relatively easy to setup for and attracts a wide crowd - difficult to do properly but the kitchen setup seems to be quite simple. See the Chandos - tiny little kitchen but it manages to make lots of great pizza.
This is pretty local to me so I am glad to see it put to use but whether it will tempt people away from the established places nearby must be in doubt. There is so much nearby residential that it must be possible to make it a going concern but I’d love to see something like a Japanese\Korean\Malaysian or similar but that’s just my taste.

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That little parade of shops is looking quite sad so I would be happy to see anything there! The newsagents closed a while ago; Small World Coffee has been closed every time I have walked past recently; the motorbike shop seems to have closed too. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Bike shop is reopening from last weekend’s activity. Agree there’s a need for a supermarket I think.

There’s defo no mopeds and slices of pizza on sale in the new restaurant planned :grin:
Hi there I’m Diana my partner is Alberto who will be opening up the restaurant with katia & her partner Roman we have between us 3 children Nicholas Natalie and Peter :heart:
We are two young families who have more than 30+ years experience in the pizza industry and Alberto being Itaiian should help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
we all actually meet each other many years ago within our work environment, jumping ahead & a few kids later, we thought times about right to at least try something we’ve always wanted to do … hence the restaurant !!!

We hopefully would like to achieve to run an authentic Italian pizza restaurant, that will be a family friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy !!!
It’s a long road and learning a lot about patience permits planning & legal stuff, as so many legal matters & working with the community police etc etc but getting there slowly…
Please feel free to pop in ask any questions & have any concerns :grin:
Have a look around & who knows what will happen!! … hopefully we will get to know the locals & be known as a friendly family run place to relax and enjoy x


Can’t wait to visit once you are open! We are just down the toad and need something like this that we can easily walk to. Excellent!


I hope you will have an Italian coffee machine!

Only a couple of streets away, will definitely visit when open. Good luck!


Hi Diana, great news about the restaurant. Do you have a name already and a planned open day?

Hi Diana, welcome, we are just around the corner so happy to see something opening there. As well as pizza it would be great if there was a couple of salad / pasta options too - a classic bolognese sauce goes down well with most children I know!
Glad to see the bike shop has reopened (under a different name) so it’s looking a bit better now.


Hi Daffodil ( loving ur name )
I can defo confirm pasta & salads will be on the menu… the variety will be adjusted according to demand :slight_smile:
all feed back will be taken on board and menu will be adjusted according to needs … of course at the being we have no idea of what’s going to be the demand so will be trail and error … so please bear with us, again feedback and suggestions are more than welcome as again we will be finding or feet …so to speak !!!


We had an open day for 2 months ago :frowning:
It’s amazing how time consuming each planning and job can take !!!
Mid October is the target at the moment … yes we have the name but think pull have to keep looking out for the sign :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank u :slight_smile:

Thanks Diana. Wishing you all the best in the final hurdles.