Places to eat near Goldsmiths?


Somewhat outside SE23, but I’m going to an event at the Goldsmith’s Writers Centre early this evening and my north London friends are afraid they won’t make it back home again without thorough provisioning first! In other words: does anyone know where can we get a nice bite to eat and a glass of wine near Goldsmiths?


There is the Talbot but probably at least a 10min walk.


You might like the Paranhodu Korean Restaurant - just a wee walk away. Not been myself but has great ratings and I have been meaning to pop up there for a while


Actually there is also L’Occulto, very close to the Talbot. You may need to book there though.


Meze Mangal is about 5/10 minutes up the road


Thanks, everyone. In the end we went to the Rose pub opposite New Cross Gate station and it was really good. Separate dining room at the back with table service and I had one of the best buttermilk chicken burgers I’ve ever had. And I’ve had plenty.