Planned power cut part of Devonshire Road

This is what I received today.

Dear Cllr Hilton,

UK Power Networks keep the lights on for more than eight million properties across London, the South East and the East of England. We invest £500million a year to upgrade and maintain the underground cables and overhead lines that delivery electricity to the schools, hospitals, homes and businesses that we serve. When undertaking work to improve and maintain the network it is occasionally necessary to carry out a planned power cut to enable us to work safely.

We have a planned power cut due to be carried out in your ward on 20th April, affecting some of the residents in Devonshire Road, SE23.
Please note that in some cases the planned date may have to be rearranged, if that is the case the affected customers will be notified.

It says that the residents would have been notified…

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We will see

Well we have been notified, twice. Am not sure which part of DR it impacts but we are Honor Oak end.

ETA: the problem is related to a flickering power supply and is probably on just one of 3 cables that supply the area. Only those impacted should have been notified.

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