Plans for Sunderland Rd new build

Only just spotted these signs while out walking the dogs earlier.

Looks like quite the change for the look of the bottom of Sunderland Rd.

Been there for a fair few months now.

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Shows how long it’s been since I walked that way lol.

Demolition of the garages/sheds is almost complete with crews clearing the site this morning. I also found the planning application online.

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I noticed the work going on when I walked past yesterday, progress.
Lets take a looksie at the planning. Nice I hope.

But the planning apllication says nothing should be touch unless they got full decision and i cant see decision notice if i have understood this correct

Hi does this mean that are going to build a storage for all the bins there and the flats already there and what i the big free are they citing them down as won’t they be in the way