Plasterer Recommendations

Hello, we are also looking for a plasterer (or competent handyman who can plaster.) Does anyone have any recent recommendations? Unfortunately the link to Nick’s checkatrade site is no longer working. Thanks in advance!

We do, a plasterer called Howard, who also lives locally.

He is just doing our hall and living room. Living room is finished, I have never touched walls that smooth. :slight_smile: Seriously, really great work. He also did some plastering work for my parents in law years ago, they recommended him to us.

If you’re interested I’d ask him if he’s fine with me sharing his phone number?



That would be brilliant, thanks so much!

Sent you a message with his number. :slight_smile:

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Hi Martin, I don’t suppose you’d mind sharing Howard’s number with me too please? Thank you!

Just sent you a message.

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If I could get Howard’s number too that would be great, thanks.

Sent you a message

Could we get the number too please?!

Via DM

Please send phone number to me too. Thanks.

Done :slight_smile:

Me too please, Mark. Thanks


@Marty_Mark Sorry one more! Would you mind sending Howard’s number? Thanks


Hi there,

Can l also have your plaster number as well please.

Many thanks!


Hi there,
We are currently looking for a plaster and a builder are you able share Howard contact details if please do pm me. Any personal recommendations would be appreciated.

Many thanks!

Hi Vilma , sorry, I thought I did when you asked a few months back.